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Math-Based Acrylic Paintings
(On canvas panels and stretched canvas)
Math-Based Giclee Prints
(On stretched canvas)
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Art and Math

Are art and math an odd couple? ... Find out in less than 5 minutes!

Art and the Greek letter phi

What does the Greek letter phi have to do with art? ... Find out in less than 2 minutes!


Average and Instant Speeds

An stylized graph of the average and instant speeds functions displayed on the Cartesian plane. The style of the painting parallels the style of Dutch artist Pieter Mondrian, but the design is based on mathematics.

Colorful Fish Tessellation

A colorful non-regular, organic tessellation. The style somewhat parallels the style of M.C. Escher.

Fractal Art: Cantor Set

A stylized tertiary version of the well-known Cantor Set.

Broken Clown

Geometric abstract wall art: Stylized geometric face of a clown made with semi-ellipses.

Golden Spiral

The math-based, Mondrian-like artwork features an approximation of the golden spiral created using golden rectangles.

Geometric Khaos

Geometric abstract wall art: In the artwork, chaos dictates the dizzying display of geometric lines and shapes.

Upward Parabola

Geometric abstract wall art: The painting features a stylized graph of an upward parabola displayed on the Cartesian plane.

Random Circles

The Mondrian-like artwork is based on a discrete uniform distribution and displays circles with randomized sizes and randomized positions on the Cartesian plane.

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