Acrylic Math

Math-based acrylic paintings and giclee prints

Be different! Own an uncommon piece of art.

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The Story of Art and Math

Etsy Listings

(Giclee Prints on Large Gallery Wrapped Canvas
ONLY $216)

2-D Euclidean Shapes 881: Mexican Motif

Etsy Listings

(Giclee Prints on Medium Gallery Wrapped Canvas
ONLY $108)

Random Circles 31 on the Cartesian Plane

Etsy Listings

(Acrylics on Small Gallery Wrapped Canvas
ONLY $72)

Instant Speed 31

Non-Regular Tessellation 101

Non-Regular Tessellation 771: Shark Fins

Open Cube 31 on the 3-D Cartesian Space

Upward Parabola 32 on the Cartesian Plane

Etsy Listings

(Giclee Prints on Small Gallery Wrapped Canvas
ONLY $60)

Non-Regular Tessellation 772: Climbing Aircraft

Non-Regular Tessellation 773: Shark Attack

Non-Regular Tessellation 774: Nostalgia

Pseudo-Hologram 31: Cubes

Etsy Listings

(Acrylics on Small Canvas Panels
ONLY $48)

Average Speed 3 on the Cartesian Plane

Instant Speed 3 on the Cartesian Plane

Non-Regular Tessellation 31

Upward Parabola 31 on the Cartesian Plane


  • What are giclee prints?

    Acrylic Math's giclee prints are prints that are made with high-quality inks that are sprayed on gallery wrapped canvases.
  • What is a gallery wrapped canvas?

    A gallery wrapped canvas is canvas fabric stretched across a wooden frame, back-stapled, primed with gesso, and painted around the edges. AcrylicMath features archival-quality, 100%-cotton canvases made by Artist's Loft.
  • What is a canvas panel?

    A canvas panel is canvas fabric glued to a board. AcrylicMath fearures archival-quality, gesso-primed, 100%-cotton panels made by Artist's Loft. The panels are unframed.
  • Are shipping and taxes included?

    Shipping and taxes are included in the price.
  • How are payments processed?

    Payments are securely processed by Etsy.
  • How is the artwork shipped?

    The artwork is shipped (within 3-5 days) ONLY to the United States via the United States Postal Service.
  • How do I return artwork?

    To return artwork within 30 days from the purchase date, please Contact Us