Acrylic Math

Math-based acrylic paintings

Be different! Own an uncommon piece of art.

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(Giclee Prints on Large Gallery Wrapped Canvas
ONLY $216)

2-D Euclidean Shapes 881: Mexican Motif


(Acrylics on Small Gallery Wrapped Canvas
ONLY $72)

Non-Regular Tessellation 101

Non-Regular Tessellation 771: Shark Fins

Open Cube 31 on the 3-D Cartesian Space


(Giclee Prints on Small Gallery Wrapped Canvas
ONLY $60)

Non-Regular Tessellation 772: Climbing Aircraft

Non-Regular Tessellation 773: Shark Attack


(Acrylics on Small Canvas Panels
ONLY $48)

Average Speed 3 on the Cartesian Plane

Instant Speed 3 on the Cartesian Plane

Non-Regular Tessellation 31

Upward Parabola 31 on the Cartesian Plane

About Us

  • Acrylic Math is an online store for math-based acrylic paintings. The style of the paintings parallels the styles of Pieter Mondrian and Maurits Escher but the designs are based on mathematics.

    The paintings are sold by Etsy. Etsy is an online retailer like Amazon and eBay.
  • After fleeing Cuba as a teenager in the early 60s, Dr. Anthony Rodriguez studied in the United States, worked in Corporate America, and became a successful entrepreneur. Later on, Dr. Rodriguez taught undergraduate courses at the University of Phoenix in Jersey City and at LIM College in Manhattan. Nowadays, Dr. Rodriguez is engaged in research, writing, and painting.

    As a business person, Dr. Rodriguez traveled all over the world. As a private pilot, Dr. Rodriguez circled the Big Apple. And, as a scuba diver, Dr. Rodriguez eye-balled sharks in the Florida Keys.